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Tallahassee Office

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May 09, 2024

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The Immediate Benefits of Long-Term Planning

Converting Your Business to a Non-Profit

Reducing Risks in Risky Business 

Expecting the Unexpected

Hard Work Deserves Good Planning

Ignorance Isn't Bliss: Professional Business Valuations

7 Steps to Exit Planning Success

What's Your Plan When Plans Change?

Hiring a Professional President

Taking Care of Your Business Family

Reducing Taxes Via Exit Planning

Taking Fate Into Your Own Hands

Can the Next Generation Successfully Run Your Business?

Preparing for a Successful Third-Party Sale

Four Good Questions to Ask Yourself

Diversifying Your Business Success

Business Planning Is Relationship Building

How to Be Confident Amid Change

How to Clarify Your Brilliant Processes

Dealing With Outside Expectations of Your Wealth

How to Identify Internal Next-Level Managers

2022 Business Owner Survey 

How to Address Burnout 

Why You Shouldn't Do Everything 

What Do You Want? 

Building Value Outside the Business

Is This Plan Right for You?

Getting Good At What You’re Bad At

How to Plan When You're to Busy to Plan 

You Will Die: Business Planning for Unexpected Death 

You’re Never Too Old to Succeed

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What's Going on with Social Security — and How Concerned Should You Be?

Existing home prices surpass income growth for the first time in 14 months

Types of Income the IRS Doesn't Tax

403(b) vs. 401(k): What’s the difference in these retirement accounts?

To Avoid Probate, Use Trusts for Estate Planning

Tax filing season kicks off Jan. 29. Here’s what taxpayers need to know

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5 policy shifts that can change the way you save for retirement in 2024

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Mortgage rates drop to lowest levels since August

Retirees face significantly higher Medicare Part D prescription drug premiums in 2024.

Opinion: The moment I realized we’re saving too much for retirement

IRS announces 2024 retirement account contribution limits

Here's how much you need to earn to afford a home in 97 U.S. cities

A ‘sea change’ may be coming for investment advice about 401(k)-to-IRA rollovers

SECURE 2.0 Retirement Savings Changes for 2024

Gen Z Workers expect to retire at age 61 

This Is How Americans Really Feel About Tipping

The IRS released its 2024 tax brackets. Here's how to see yours.

Navigating medical bills

Inherited an IRA? Four Things Every Beneficiary Should Know

82% of Americans are worried about the impact of inflation

These are the 3 biggest retirement plan rollover mistakes, expert says. Here’s how to avoid penalties

5 financial checklist items to finish before year end

Give to charity without reducing your legacy

3 ways charitable giving can benefit your business

Why small business success should matter year-round

Estate Planning Amid Family Estrangement: Limiting the Fallout

As Social Security marks a milestone, here are 3 things to know about your retirement benefits

Charitable Gift Annuities

I'm 'laddering' my CDs to earn the most on my savings

Do you have financial vampires in your life?

5 steps to grow retirement confidence in the Hispanic community

How will you pay for health care in 2053?

Pros and cons of early retirement

IRS 10-Year Rule for Inherited IRAs: Kiplinger Tax Letter

3 Big Retirement Account Changes You Haven’t Heard About

Stop Believin’! 4 Housing Market Myths Hurting Today’s Buyers and Sellers

The Future of Retirement: Longer Lifespans and Changing Needs

Women and insurance: What you need to know

Tips to convert term life insurance to whole life insurance

This is one of the key ingredients to financial confidence

What are the important types of insurance to have?

5 key financial steps for women business owners of color

How to stop spending money

4 tips to support your teen’s mental health

Sending your child off to college: Tips for parents

You’re not an ATM: 5 Tips for teaching your kids the value of work

Should I Keep Accounts Open at Multiple Banks?

The Most Important Retirement Table You'll Ever See

Good News for Homebuyers: Mortgage Rates Are Poised To Fall

How To Avoid Paying Taxes on 401(k) Withdrawals

On the move: Home ownership today

Now is prime time to save

7 easy ways to improve your finances this week

6 steps to grow a sustainable independent career

Regional banks have been failing 

What happens to your mortgage when you die?

4 Things to Know About Today’s Inflation Report

3 ways to rethink old age and retirement, MIT expert says 

Not just equal pay, equal job security

The history of Black American insurance ownership

Vacation within your means and without regrets

Spend mindfully by adopting a saver’s mentality

How to factor your health into your financial planning

What Really Happens During an IRS Tax Audit

What the banking crisis means for mortgage rates

I Will Teach You to be Rich

4 ways to help protect your mental health after a layoff

Why small business success should matter year-round

Disability protection for your employees and your business

Get the facts about income protection plans

How to Pay for College Without Loans

What to know about bank deposits and the FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund

Here’s when taking out a 401(k) loan actually ‘makes sense,’ says advisor

Here are the new 2023 tax brackets — and how to determine yours

Debt ceiling: Here’s what you should know as threat of default looms

How much money do I need to live completely off dividends?

Need an Estate Planning Checkup? Now Is the Perfect Time

Here’s who can claim the home office deduction on this year’s taxes

How does an annuity work?

How can greater financial confidence help you?

Retirement planning keeping your child with a disability in mind


Ways to use your tax refund

On the House: Is 2023 the Year To Finally Buy a Home?

5 Tax-Smart Charitable Giving Strategies for Retirees

Congress passes new retirement rules. What these 7 changes mean for you and your 401(k)

IRS 1099-K Form: When You Might Get One From Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App

5 simple financial hacks for business owners

4 funding options for women entrepreneurs

Women are financially savvy

5 Original Ways to Show Your Love

Navigating your finances with your spouse or partner

4 Things to Consider While You’re Planning When to Retire

4 Strategies for reducing student loans

It Costs How Much? Saving for Your Child’s Education

Save on Monthly Home Costs With These 7 Hacks

To make money, avoid these common mistakes

How 12 Types of Retirement Income Get Taxed

Are We in a Recession? 5 Ways to Tell

4 Strategies for Long-Term Investment Success

How to Make Charitable Giving a Lifelong Pursuit

Financial Fixes: How to Get Out of the Minimum Payment Vortex

How to consider inflation in your retirement strategy

Mortgage rates are soaring. Is it still OK to refinance your home?

Wash Sales, Capital Gains, State Taxes: Tax Traps Investors Need to Avoid

3 things that will help reduce the sting of high inflation

IRS: These are your 401(k) and IRA contribution limits for 2023

Ways to Turn Spending into Savings

Gift Yourself a Debt-Free Holiday

These are common (and costly) Roth IRA conversion mistakes. Here’s how to avoid them

Home Prices Are Expected To Fall by a Lot—Even If There Isn’t a Recession

Here’s how persistent high inflation may affect your tax bracket next year

Student loan relief applications arriving soon: What you need to know

Financial Confidence: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

6 Steps to Rewire Bad Money Habits

IRAs, Taxes And Inheritance: Planning Becomes A Family Affair

Relationship tips for coping with disability income loss

The basics of custodial gifting

Biden Cancels $10K in Student Debt. Here’s Who Gets It